Simon Viereck

Executive Officer

Simon has worked in the community-managed mental health sector in the ACT since moving to Australia from Denmark in 2007. He is a believer in social justice and is committed to achieving better outcomes for marginalised and disadvantaged people through better policy and systems. Simon brings a background of work in disability and aged care, as well experience gained through being involved in all major ACT mental health policy, strategy and legislation initiatives since 2007.

Leith Felton-Taylor (part-time)

Policy and Sector Development Manager

Leith believes that everyone has a right to social and economic inclusion, access to appropriate services, and to live free of the limitations imposed by stigma and discrimination. Leith brings a diverse background to her role with MHCC ACT: government policy and program development; economic research and analyses; international relations; leadership and management; and more recently, mental health promotion. It is her hope that working with MHCC ACT and the community-managed mental health sector in the ACT will contribute to improving the lives of people impacted by mental illness.

Dianna Smith (part-time)

Consumer and Carer Engagement Officer

Dianna has been interested in mental health and how this affects people lives for over thirty years. She has a background in psychology, sociology, drug and alcohol and adult education and a long experience in government and how the public service works. Although she has only worked in the community sector for a short time, Dianna is dedicated to using her skills, knowledge and experience to bring positive changes for all people affected by mental health issues.

Charlie Richardson (part-time)

Policy Officer

Charlie has worked in the community sector since 1986. Starting as a community bus driver, he went on to manage Central Sydney Community Transport and progressed to Vice-President of the NSW CTO, the peak body of the (then) 131 member organisations. From 2000, he became Executive Officer of the Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development, which involved him in a wide range of issues in the City of Sydney and its surrounding LGAs. Charlie later took a position as Mental Health Carer Advocate in the Hunter region of NSW from 2007, assisting Carers to have their voices heard in that region. Charlie has been known to take to the stage in karaoke bars, and is rather fond of magpies.



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