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Mental Health Week 2015

If you require urgent assistance please

Mental Health Services ACT
(Crisis and assessment team)
1800 629 3541800 629 354 FREE
(24 hours)
or 6205 1065


13 11 14


Kids Help Line
1800 55 18001800 55 1800 FREE


Mensline Australia
1300 78 99 781300 78 99 78


Mental Health Foundation

Information and Referral Line  

6282 6658

Policy and Publications

MHCC ACT Budget submission released

MHCC ACT has developed a submission to the 2012-13 ACT Budget. The submission is based on consultations with a broad range of stakeholders.

In the submission MHCC ACT argues primarily for increased funding to expand current community sector services in a range of areas.

The funding priorities identified are:

You can access a copy of the MHCC ACT Budget submission here.

Recent MHCC ACT Media Releases

MHCC ACT actively contributes media releases representing the not for profit community mental health sector.


MHCC ACT Submissions


MHCC ACT Publications

Other Publications

Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act (ACT) 1994

From Discrimination to Social Inclusion: A review of the literature on anti-stigma initiatives in mental health

ACT Mental Health Services Plan 2009-14

Not for Service Report, Mental Health Council of Australia, 2005

Towards Recovery: mental health services in Australia, Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs, 2008

A National Approach to Mental Health: from crisis to community, Senate Select Committee on Mental Health, 2006

National Action Plan on Mental Health 2006-11, COAG  

Partners in Respite; Building Capacity in Community Mental Health Family Support and Carer Respite, 2009

Review of the ACT Community Mental Health Sector, 2011

Blueprint to Transform Mental Health Services, 2011

Building a Strong Foundation; A Framework For Promoting Mental Health And Wellbeing In The Act 2009-2014

Fourth National Mental Health Plan, 2009-14

Productivity Commission Inquiry into Disability Care and Support, Inquiry Report, August 2011

MHCC ACT Strategic Plan 2012-2016

MHCC ACT has published its Strategic Plan 2012-2016 outlining MHCC ACT’s Vision, which is for an ACT Community where good quality mental health and wellbeing is available to all, and how MHCC ACT works to achieve this vision.

The Strategic Plan outlines five areas of focus for MHCC ACT for the next four years:
1. Empowerment of the ACT Community Mental Health Sector
2. Quality person-centred care services for people with lived experience
3. An integrated, sustainable mental health sector
4. Awareness and understanding
5. Organisational sustainability
Under each focus area the Plan outlines a range of strategies for pursuing the overall goal of the area, and success indicators, which will tell us whether we are achieving those goals. The goals and strategies of the Strategic

Plan inform MHCC ACT staff workplans and MHCC ACT will be continuingly reporting on progress against those goals to the MHCC ACT Board.

To view the MHCC ACT Strategic Plan 2012-2016 click here.