Mindscapes 2016


Mindscapes. A secret place we can all go to, full of dreams,vision, thoughts and words. Come and share yours

– Ralph Nelson


Come along, meets some friends and have some fun

The aim of Mindscapes is to bring people with mental illness into the heart of community events. At an individual level we aim to improve the general wellbeing of people living with a mental illness; at a broader community level, we hope to increase public understanding of mental health issues and reduce the stigma surrounding what is a relatively common issue. Mindscapes aims to promote the idea of mental illness being associated with community, joy and acceptance.

This year, Mindscapes events are happening during Mental Health Week ACT, 8-15 October 2016.

More details will be posted soon. Keep an eye on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mindscapesfestival and www.mentalhealthweekact.org.