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Grants for Mental Health Training and Professional Development

Seen an exciting mental health-related Training or Professional Development opportunity, but can’t afford it?

The Mental Health Community Coalition ACT (MHCC ACT) is the peak body for the community managed mental health sector. In 2016, MHCC ACT set aside a proportion of its sector development budget for Training and Professional Development Grants to be offered to members over the 2016-2017 financial year.

You can become a member today, and apply for a grant immediately. Membership is free for mental health consumers and carers, and affordable for organisations.

There are two categories available:

Individual grants

For individual consumer or carer members interested in contributing to the sector, paying up to 100% of the combined cost of participation, up to a maximum of:

  • $1000 per financial year per individual

Organisational grants

For staff, volunteers or service users of member organisations, paying up to 75% of the combined cost of participation, up to a maximum of:

  • $750 per applicant per event
  • $2250 per financial year per organisation

MHCC ACT can financially support organisations to invite a trainer to teach their staff, especially if the training is open to other participants. We can also discuss joint training and professional development projects with our member organisations.


Download this form to apply for a Training and Development Grant [PDF], and check out the details below.


What are these grants for?

  • The ongoing development of the professional standards and quality of the ACT’s community managed mental health services and workforce.
  • Supporting consumer and carer involvement in the planning, implementation and evaluation of these services, and of the activities of MHCC ACT.

What activities do these grants support?

  • People attending external training and development events in Australia or internationally
  • Organisations providing their own training and development, especially if the event is open to people from other member organisations, consumers and carers.
  • Joint initiatives with MHCC ACT offering training and development to anyone with an interest in community managed mental health services in the ACT.

How are grants assessed?

There are so many great opportunities out there and we look forward to seeing what interests you. In your application, please show us how:

  • The activity is valuable and relevant to both you and the sector
  • You can share what you learn across the sector

When we talk about sector, we mean the community managed mental health sector. The sector includes non-government organisations and not-for-profits, but may also include fee-for-service organisations in some cases. It can also include organisations involved in alcohol and drug use, homelessness, youth, and a range of other groups that aren’t directly focused on mental health. So long as your training and development activity has a mental health focus, we’d like to hear from you.

MHCC ACT has a limited pool of funding for the grants, and assesses each application to decide whether or not it will be funded. Guiding principles for assessing grant applications are as follows:

  • Value and relevance of the training to the member and the sector
  • Contribution to a diversity of learnings in the sector
  • How effectively the learnings can be shared in the sector
  • The member has not already received a large cumulative amount of grants relative to other members; and has not exceeded the annual limits set for these grants
  • For members who previously received a grant: they adhered to the terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Grants are only payable for the following costs (and in accordance with the details submitted in the application form):

  • Fees for the training or development activity (eg. registration fees; costs of hiring a trainer)
  • When the event is held outside of the ACT, transport to and from the city where the event is being held (eg. return airfare/bus/train; private car use in accordance with ATO guidelines) and accommodation costs for the duration of the event only.
    • In the case of individual consumer and carer members, the costs of transport within the city can also be claimed.
  • Any reasonable special needs costs

Within two weeks of the event, grant recipients must:

  • Supply MHCC ACT with receipts/invoices showing the expenditure of the grant (these can be copies);
  • Provide MHCC ACT with a completed Feedback Form [PDF]. You can download the form, or pick up a paper copy from our office.
  • If organisations have received significant financial assistance for a one-off training event OR received a relatively significant amount of assistance over the course of a year, we ask that you acknowledge the funding assistance provided by MHCC ACT in your Annual Report. This will be negotiated at the time the funding is granted.

Payment of grant

Grants are paid as a reimbursement after the activity has occurred, within four weeks of submitting receipts/invoices and the standard feedback form to MHCC ACT.

If paying for your expenses upfront and then being reimbursed later will cause you difficulties, please contact us to discuss another arrangement.

Important dates: Deadlines and notifications

  1. Successful applicants will be notified in the first week of each month.
  2. Applications must be received by MHCC ACT at least 5 working days before the end of the previous month to be considered for the following month’s announcements.
  3. Applications will only be considered for events that take place within six months of the date of application.


Training grants are only available to members of MHCC ACT. Become a member today, and apply for a grant immediately. Membership is free for individual consumers and carers.

Where a grant recipient is a staff member or volunteer of a member organisation, the member organisation is considered to be the grant recipient, rather than any individual who may benefit.

More information

Please see the first pages of the Training and Development Grant, and contact us with any questions.