ACT Recovery College

MHCC is the lead agency in the development of an ACT Recovery College. The College was officially opened on April 10th, 2019.

A Recovery College is a place of learning, connection, opportunity and hope for people living with mental illness, their carers, families and friends. Colleges operate in a similar way to adult learning centres but with a focus on mental health. Recovery Colleges complement other mental health services and help increase participants’ ability to stay well.

The college will be established under a unique model that combines the strengths and expertise of the community mental health sector and the public sector.  A consortium of partners is being set up to manage the trial.  These partners include:


  • ACT Mental Health Consumer Network

  • Carers ACT

  • Mental Health, Justice Health, and Alcohol & Drug Services, ACT Health.

To learn more please go to the Recovery College’s website. You can also find the ACT Recovery College on Facebook




Visit the ACT Recovery College website to find out more

Visit the Recovery College Facebook page for updates