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Join MHCC ACT and become part of an active community committed to improving the lives of people with mental illness in the ACT by helping to shape and improve access to strong community-based services.

Members play a key role in assisting MHCC ACT to address structural challenges, build collaborative partnerships and drive positive change for the sector.


  • Participation in Leadership meetings  

  • Heavily subsidised training

  • MHCC ACT Resources 

  • Two way dialogue with Government 

  • Free use of the MHCC ACT board room 

  • MHCC ACT networking events

  • Voting at the annual AGM

  • Being nominated for the MHCC ACT Board  

  • A range of Communities of Practice  



Available to Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) or sole traders that provide services to and/or advocate for people living with mental illness and/or psychosocial disability. 

Full members have the right to vote at MHCC ACT AGM's.  


Available to individual persons or an organisation, institution, company or government agency that has a demonstratable interest or involvement in supporting positive mental health and wellbeing. 

Associate members do not have voting rights. 

Associate members can nominate for Lived Experience Director. 



Available to an individual or organisation, institution, company or government agency that is also a member of a similar peak body in another Australian State or Territory. 

Affiliate Members do not have voting rights. 



Available to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the representation, promotion and/or advancement of mental health interests in the ACT. 

Honorary Members do not have voting rights.


Honorary Memberships are lifelong.  


Community Organisation Membership

Funding Level

Membership fee

Individual/Professional Membership


Membership fee

$0 – $50 000

$50 000 – $100 000


$100 000 – $ 200 000


$200 000 – $500 000


$500 000 – $1 000 000 +






Consumers and Carers

Individual rate

Government Agencies/Professional Bodies

No Fee 




*All applications are subject to Board approval. 

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