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MHCC ACT Mid-Career Mentoring Program (MCMP)


The middle phase of your career often coincides with the need to upskill. Maybe you’re preparing for a job transition, or looking to develop your people and relationship skills to complement the technical skills you’ve honed? 
Whatever your situation, it’s likely your mentoring needs have evolved. A mid-career mentor can support you to develop your relational skills, expand your industry networks and refine your career direction. They can also help you become savvy to workplace dynamics, and share insight into what it takes to be a skilled business leader or manager. 
Ideally, a mid-career mentor is someone who’s overcome the obstacles you’re now facing and who can advise on the best way through. Looking for a peer in your field of interest, but who works for a different organisation, can help avoid conflicts of interest. 

The MHCC ACT Mid-Career Mentoring Program aims to foster relationships between mentors and mentees to upskill the community sector workforce. By doing so we will strive to improve retention of key contributors and career trajectory, deepen the strength of the community leadership group and provide critical career development experiences.

MHCC ACT will support and facilitate the program for six months by: 

  • Coordinating 3 face-to-face group networking sessions with all mentors and mentees 

  • Regular check-ins with the mentor and mentee

  • Administering an MCMP Alumni Facebook group 

  • Providing resources and tools to assist the mentor and mentee in the program 

Program participants will be expected to commit to 3 additional mentor/mentee meetings over the duration of the program in a format that suits. 

We encourage mentees to have the support of their supervisor. 

What are the benefits to participating in the MHCC ACT Mid-Career Mentor Program?

Benefits of mid-career mentoring for the sector 

  • Improve retention of key contributors 

  • Deepen the strength of the community leadership group 

  • Provide critical career development experiences 


Benefits for the mentees 

  • Gain unique insights and off-the-record understanding of how to lead in the mental health community sector 

  • Develop skills and knowledge to facilitate career growth 

  • Receive coaching in leadership, negotiation, management and opportunity recognition 

  • Receive relevant and practical insights and guidance 

  • Build a stronger professional network 


Benefits for the mentor 

  • Gain personal satisfaction from sharing your own knowledge and insights 

  • Enhance coaching, feedback, leadership and networking skills 

  • Experience new and different creative styles, approaches and thought processes 

  • Expand your reputation as a leader beyond your organization 

  • Self-reflect on career experience and future career growth 

Eligibility of Participants: 


  • At least 3 years out of registered training or  

  • Have 3 years work experience in de sector 

  • People returning from career breaks are welcome 


  • have been in a senior position for at least 12 months 

  • level EO or senior manager 

MHCC ACT Mentoring Program Image

Get Involved! 

The first trial of the MHCC ACT Mid-Career Mentoring Program is underway for 2020. 

We look forward to reviewing this program and bringing it forward again in 2021. 

If you have any questions please contact us. 




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