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ACT Mental Health Sector Update - 1 October 2020


...we want to make sure you keep safe, and follow the latest COVID-19 advice from ACT Health. The ACT Recovery College is asking for feedback if you've had involvement in its courses. Beyond Blue has released COVID-19 mental health information in more than 60 languages and we watched with interest recent tweets from Professor Pat Dudgeon about mental health among Aboriginal communities - we also have details on a pandemic issues paper released on mental health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. New ACT Government grants have opened for veterans and seniors; Unity College has some students looking for community sector placements. We have an update on the Ten to Men longitudinal survey and some great events to look at for Mental Health Month. There's not-unexpected news that the sector is in crisis and news of record funding for psychosis research. There is also a list of interesting mental health resources and articles for further reading.

Our Member Spotlight this edition is Marymead.

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