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ACT Mental Health Sector Update - 12 November 2020


...we want to start by saying a fond farewell to our leader and colleague, Simon Viereck, as he moves on from MHCC ACT to other opportunities. In an ongoing effort to make sure you keep safe, take note of the latest COVID-19 advice from ACT Health. MHCC ACT are also providing notice of our AGM for Tuesday 24 November 2020. The Australian Government has launched their new Head to Health COVID-19 mental health campaign 'How's your head today?'. CMHA are seeking EOI's for partners for their ACDC Project, while the Youth Coalition are seeking input to their directory of services CNCT. The ACT Mental Health Consumer Scholarship scheme are taking first round applications, due 4 December 2020 and CIT are also providing infection control training for organisations and businesses. RAGCP have developed new NDIS resources for better support mechanisms, and we explore the impacts of COVID-19 on youth mental health. There is also a list of interesting mental health resources and articles for further reading.

Our Member Spotlight this edition is Mental Health Foundation ACT.

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