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ACT Mental Health Sector Update - 17 April 2020

People who experience mental health distress often have co-occurring issues with drugs and alcohol. Being in isolation can exacerbate this situation. Our lead article discusses online SMART meetings for anyone who feels like they could use some extra support in these difficult times.  Impostor syndrome is something most people experience to some extent in their lives. Our Beyond Blue article sheds more light on the phenomenon and explores what “normal” might really mean. While trying to steer clear of more COVID-19 information, we have included an article on the therapy value of keeping chooks. Anyone who has chooks knows the fun they can bring to one’s life and the benefits for your mental health (plus the yummy free-range eggs). You can get involved in training and development opportunities with Mental Health Masterclasses or the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership, plus the National Fifth Plan Consumer and Carer Surveys are still looking for participants. We have a useful article on how we react in turbulent times such as these and to end this newsletter, we have calls for the trials of psychedelic drugs and some innovative perspectives on the Mad Studies movement. We would also point our readers to the job vacancy for Bushfire Response Counsellor at the bottom of this page.

Read the full newsletter here.

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