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ACT Mental Health Sector Update - 17 September 2020


...we want to make sure you keep safe, and follow the latest advice from ACT Health regarding the increases in COVID-19 cases in Victoria, Queensland and NSW. The Federal Government's response to the Tune Report has been much talked about and we bring together some of the discourse. There's a new podcast that explores how our brains are responding to COVID-19. The government is considering making Telehealth a permanent feature and we look at new guidelines for portraying mental health and substance use in the media. We have a recording of a great webinar on Social Prescribing, something we're almost certainly going to hear more of in future. Mental Health Month is coming up in October and we have some links to get the month started. The Australian Healthcare and Hospital Association has been reimagining healthcare post-COVID and has some straightforward but revolutionary ideas of how we can move forward. ACT Recovery College is open for expressions of interest in their Term 4 offerings. There is also a list of interesting mental health resources and articles for further reading.

Our Member Spotlight this edition is Livability Australia.

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