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ACT Mental Health Sector Update - 20 August 2020


...we want to make sure you keep safe, and follow the latest advice from ACT Health regarding the increases in COVID-19 cases in Victoria and NSW - please note the recent public health advice for high risk settings and health professionals. We also share a new tool for COVID-19 responders, Black Dog's new Healthy Mind tool. We have a report on the importance of mental health days, study results on how mental health is suffering during COVID-19. We touch on ways to access mental health assistance that don't involve phone calls. There is also a link to a discussion paper on support coordination that you can respond to and news of Mental Health Australia's Community Connectors Program rolling out elsewhere in Australia. The Australian Building Codes Board is asking for input on accessible housing. There is also a list of interesting mental health resources and articles for further reading.

Our Member Spotlight this edition is Advocacy for Inclusion.

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