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ACT Mental Health Sector Update - 31 October 2019

In this edition:

Mental Health Month (MHM) is drawing to a close, and as the dust settles, we are looking forward to summer, Christmas and the New Year.  MHM went off really well, the weather was kind, attendance at events all over the ACT has been great and MHM’s reputation and stature in the annual calendar has grown.  We hope you found events to attend and support and that you’re looking forward to NEXT year! In this edition, we have stories about a new mental health program for young Canberrans, an announcement of scholarships for mental health consumers to undertake studies in Community Work, news of the launch of a ‘Community of Practice’ for NDIS Support Coordinators, and … *drum roll* a new organisational structure chart for ACT Health!  We know you’ve been desperately looking forward to that … Susan Helyar has left ACTCOSS to try something new!  ACTCOSS, of course, is now seeking a new leader.  Talking of the COSS, there’s also a link to a survey and it’s important to complete it today.  You’ll see why it’s important when you read the story below.  Clare Bowditch, singer, songwriter, actor and so on, was interviewed on Radio National about her childhood trauma leading to anxiety.  The link to the program is below. There are plenty of other stories below, but the big news is … this is the last edition of the ‘ACT Mental Health Sector Update’ that I’ll be putting together.  After four years here, I am leaving the Mental Health Community Coalition ACT - tomorrow is my last day.  They ran out of cake.  I’m going to have a lazy start to summer, and get serious about looking for another job around January in the New Year.  I hope that my scribbling has occasionally been useful to you.  Here's to your mental health, and best wishes, Charlie Richardson.

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