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ACT Mental Health Sector Update - 5 September 2019

In this edition:

Did you know that we at the Mental Health Community Coalition ACT are offering discounted training in NDIS ‘Quality and Safeguards’ and ‘Behaviour Support and Restrictive Practices’ later this month?  And that we have one of our Quarterly Forums on Tuesday 1 October, this time on 'PACER', a proposed new repose to mental health crises in the ACT.  See the three notices towards the bottom of this newsletter under ‘Upcoming Events’. In other news, we have useful info on short-term help for high and complex needs and for emergency supports, a report on ‘Health professionals, psychosocial disability and NDIS access’, how you can nominate a person or service for a Mental Health Award (to be presented as part of Mental Health Month), more mental health diagnoses does not mean that poor mental health is increasing, NDIS help for those experiencing homelessness, COAG NDIS Quarterly Report, and Centrelink ‘putting domestic violence survivors at risk’. And don’t miss our ‘Spotlight on a Member Organisation’.  This week, we’ve turned the spotlight on Wellways.  And of course, there’s a listing of upcoming events that you’re probably interested in.  Also, I would LOVE to get some feedback about these newsletters.  After four years of producing and sending out this 'Update' to about 700 people each fortnight, I received my first piece of feedback from a reader the other day.  Yay!  Someone reads the newsletter!  What do YOU think?  I try to include local, national and international news, news of services, news of research, new reports, NDIS-related news and so on.  Am I getting the mix of stories right?  Are they interesting and/or useful to you?  Are there too many stories, too few?  Your feedback doesn't have to be complimentary, but it's the only way I can know if I'm delivering what's required.  My email address is

Read the full newsletter here.

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