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ACT Mental Health Sector Update - 6 August


...we want to make sure you keep safe, and follow the latest advice from ACT Health regarding the increases in COVID-19 cases in Victoria and NSW - please note the recent public health advice for high risk settings and health professionals. We also share some advice on COVID-19 safety around shared accomodation, visitor screening at health facilities and PPE. We then further discuss PPE as it relates to NDIS and disability support workers. With a new Closing the Gap agreement having been announced, we share with you the targets highlighted and the NACCHO response. There have been a number of findings reported on from surveys conducted on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of Australians, and Lifeline report a staggering increase in crisis calls in 2020. The ACT Government are focusing on supporting Canberra through this tough time and have launched Wellbeing Calls with Red Cross, and Connect in Canberra. The National Workplace Initiative seeks to provide a consistent approach to workplace mental health and seeking feedback on their core framework. And registrations are open for the upcoming MHCC ACT Co-Design workshop with Leanne Craze, while ACT MHCN are conducting their annual consumer survey.

There is also a list of interesting mental health resources and articles for further reading, and details on some new MHCC ACT training and forums!

Our Member Spotlight this edition is CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn.

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