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Senate Committee recommends The Government should keep their ‘Hands off our charities’

The Mental Health Community Coalition of the ACT (MHCC ACT) are pleased with the recommendation to scrap the ACNC regulations by the Senate Committee for Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation.

Bec Cody, MHCC ACT CEO, said “We’re happy to hear the Senate Committee will give a notice to disallow the legislation. But this doesn’t mean we are there yet! We need to continue to call on our MP’s and Senators to withdraw the regulations.”

“The changes that the Australian Government are proposing are a threat to the way charities promote the needs of our most vulnerable. These regulations infringe on our rights to freedom of assembly and of expression.”

“To support ongoing freedoms for our charities we all need to use our voice to send a united message. Contact your MP’s and Senators, share your messages on social media and you can also join the alliance.”

Find out how you can join the Hands Off Our Charities movement:

Media Contact: Bec Cody, Chief Executive Officer

(02) 5104 7716,

Communications Officer: Alison Hall, (02) 5104 7711

MHCC ACT is the peak body for community mental health services in the ACT. Find out more about MHCC ACT at

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