MHCC ACT Annual Report 2020-2021

If there was ever a year where MHCC ACT experienced change – this was it! The adaptability and resilience that the organisation, and the sector as a whole, displayed in facing this change was incredible. It served as a great reminder of the strength and value of the community mental health sector.

MHCC ACT Annual Report 2019-2020

This year has been one to remember.
The professionalism of the mental health peak body supported the community sector during major external events that challenged and continues challenge all organisations, the people who work for those organisations and those living with mental illness either as a consumer or carer.

When the NDIS came to the ACT

The report, ‘When the NDIS came to the ACT – A story of Hope and Disruption in the Mental Health Sector’, looks at whether the introduction of the NDIS in the ACT has left people with mental illness and psychosocial disability better off.

MHCC ACT Rules of Association

The Mental Health Community Coalition (MHCC) ACT adopted the new Rules of Association at the Special General Meeting in October 2019.

MHCC ACT Annual Report 2018-2019

As some of the upheaval caused by the NDIS and other developments has begun to settle down there was cause for MHCC ACT to stop and reflect on our role, work and value to our stakeholders.

MHCC ACT Annual Report 2017-2018

As I look back at the past year I am very proud to report that the staff team have gone above and beyond to deliver on projects and activities through a period of significant staff change and turbulence in the environment. I am also pleased to report that the current staff team is as harmonious and well-functioning as any in my years at MHCC ACT.

MHCC ACT Annual Report 2016-2017

It has been another busy and eventful year for MHCC ACT. In an environment of constant and far-reaching change, the staff and Board have worked hard to keep on top of the changes and to advocate for the community-managed mental health sector in the ACT.

MHCC ACT Annual Report 2014-2015

The last year has seen significant change within Mental Health Community Coalition ACT. The leadership change in the Executive Officer role, from Ian Rentsch to Simon Viereck, a new team of staff and implementation of structural changes has proven to be a fruitful challenge and enhanced our capacity to represent the community mental health sector.