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An important part of MHCC ACT’s work as a peak body is the process of continuous quality improvement in the sector, or ‘sector development’. As reflected in our Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021, we are driven by the purpose of “fostering the capacity of the ACT community managed mental health sector to support people to live meaningful and dignified lives”.  

The extent of widespread local and national reform in the mental health sector over the past few years was accompanied by a state of flux. During this period MHCC ACT sector development activities have, to the extent possible, aimed at protecting and extending the gains made under the MHCC ACT ‘A Real Career - A Workforce Development Strategy for the Community Mental Health Sector’ (2012). As stability returns to the sector, MHCC ACT is again able to start focusing on longer term objectives and work programs. 

In response to the difficulty experienced by many members in providing training to their workforce following the introduction of the NDIS, MHCC ACT has been offering a range of subsidised training workshops and development grants. Other MHCC ACT sector development activities include information sharing through newsletters; collaboration to hold forums and promote important events and developments; and facilitating networking and information exchange opportunities.  

Sector development activities are promoted primarily through the ‘Events’ page of our website and through our fortnightly newsletter, the ‘ACT Mental Health Sector Update’.  Click here to subscribe to the update. 




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